I worked with Coral using Cognomovement. I felt really good and relaxed and finally had a good nights sleep after our session. I felt very positive and it helped me to clear some blocks around a job interview and also helped me with the way I feel about my problems. I would definitely like to work on more in future with her on seeing results in my life. Thank you with my deepest gratitude for introducing me to this!  Coral is very dedicated to her clients. 





Coral was a strong and consistent support during the hardest time in my life. I went through a custody case, had to move, and lost  my income due to covid for over one year.

Coral helped direct me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. Because of her skills, intuition, and support

I was able to go through this tough time. She helped me navigate through lots of loss, grief, and heartache.  She has been perfect for me and my healing process and I am so grateful for her.

The 12 sessions of Cognomovement we had were nothing less than AMAZING! I felt changes immediately that have been long lasting.

This was the best investment I made for myself.


I Completed Coral’s Cognomovement course Building Courage on exploring the lower emotions beginning with Shame and ending with Courage. She skillfully led the group with genuine care, knowledge, and welcomed humor.

I came out of this experience with much more clarity and understanding about myself. Great insight into the workings of emotions and there impact on our health and mental well being.

I highly recommend the class.

Deborah Buchanan

Coral is an incredible healer. Her empathic and intuitive nature is the very thing that caused me to ask her for help in my healing journey. She genuinely cares about those she serves. Her tenacity is wonderful. When it comes to getting to the core of whatever the issue may be she is ready and willing to help me figure it out on the spot and her caring nature makes it easy to open up to her. When it comes to personal and deeply embedded issues no matter what they are I feel safe to discuss them with her and work through them. I feel no judgement and I know she understands me. I recommend her %1000. No matter what your issue is Coral is the person you want on your side. She will not let you down, of this I am certain. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!! I am no longer the same human being I was before I began these sessions. You saved mine and my children's lives!!!!!!!!!!! I am forever grateful to you!!!


This was a unique and unbelievably helpful experience for myself and my 11 year old daughter who recently had a traumatic event that left us both feeling unsafe and shook up. These types of "events" in our lives I have learned, undealt with or not fully processed, leaves emotional "gunk" inside of our bodies that can later manifest in physical illness if not fully processed out. I spent a couple hours with Coral, and she was so knowledgeable about the different topics we discussed and the overall process was easily understood and digestible, even for my 6th grade daughter.
Corals abilities to offer support to others in this unique way were seemingly natural to her and I felt very comfortable and at ease in her space. The process, though emotionally trying, felt safe and manageable with the support of Coral and her soft and reassuring guidance. I left her presence feeling much more aligned and clear within my mind and body. I was tired after our time together and instructed to rest and drink plenty of water. My daughter said she felt safe and cared for while being directed through the modalities and she would go back to see Coral on her own in the future for other event reprocessing. I am so grateful for the experience, which has not only brought me and my daughter closer together, but allowed us both to heal in significant ways and prevent further D I S -E A S E :) I highly recommend giving this modality a shot with Coral and incorporating this into your life. I believe it is "Wellness Workers" like Coral that will change the game in healthcare by providing modalities for preventative care within the mind, body and soul.
Thank you Coral and We Are One Health, you guys are awesome!

Cat Lotus

I feel Coral gave me back my life! I am off prescription medications and pain free! Coral was steady upbeat and encouraging through it all. I live in California and our entire program was done via phone, I am still amazed. Thank you Coral!


Pomona, California

I would recommend Coral to anyone looking to jumpstart meaningful change in their lives. She'll be just the coach you need to make meaningful sustainable change for the better!

Jordan Enright- Schulz




I would recommend Coral to anyone who wants to have a healthier lifestyle. If you are honest with her, she can help you with all aspects of your life.
Coral cares about and loves people. This is not about financial gain or accolades, she truly wants to do her part to heal the world. I can't even fully describe how much better my life has been since my journey led me to Coral Simpson. 

Albert Minero, 
Hollywood, California

I absolutely love how I feel and think since working with Coral. 
Lisa Johnson,
Grants Pass, Oregon

Coral is a gentle, knowledgable, curious and caring woman. She has kept me on track and challenged me to be the best me.

I encourage everyone to check her out and this website is a good start.


Marie Neder

Grants Pass, Oregon

Cognomovement Audio Testimonial 9/7/2020

Audio Testimonial

Kaite Wrigley
Success Story

Success Story