I met Coral Simpson in September, 2017 through a MeetUp. From there I met with Coral on a weekly basis to assist me in improving my health. We met from October 2017 until early March 2018. I still meet her periodically  to go over any questions or concerns I may have. Coral is a gentle, knowledgable, curious and caring woman. She has kept me on track and challenged me to be the best me.

I encourage everyone to check her out and this website is a good start.


Marie Neder

Grants Pass, Oregon

I can't thank Coral enough for encouraging and helping me to lose weight and start getting healthy again. I went from 178lbs in November 2016 to 145 in May 2017. I got off gluten first then she finally convinced me to get off dairy and what a difference that made!!! My hips and knees, and wrists quit hurting! I could hardly believe that dairy the mainstay of my life was so sinister and vicious!! We also did a 26 day detox cleanse. I was really doing so much better afterwards. I started walking again and incorporating other healthy practices in my life.  By September I no longer had any antibodies for thyroid disease! I came off my meds! I had been on Levothyroxin for 12 years!  It is

May 31, 2018 and I now weigh 130-135lbs and I feel great!


I feel Coral gave me back my life! I am off prescription medications and pain free! Coral was steady upbeat and encouraging through it all. I live in California and our entire program was done via phone, I am still amazed. Thank you Coral!

Coreen B

Pomona, California

When I look back over the past few months of my life with Coral as my Health Coach, I realize I have changed so many significant things about it with her support and guidance. When I started with her, my goals were around implementing better self-care techniques for mental health, pursuing my true calling as a writer, increasing physical movement, and eating better (though I barely even knew what that last one meant at the time!).

She's helped me achieve all of them and more! I now have regular meditation and writing practices; I've prioritized exercise and time spent outside by finding physical activities I really enjoy; I've quit smoking; and I've given up gluten, dairy, and most added sugar after discovering I am sensitive to them. I've also learned a ton about the kind of food, skincare products, and herbs that nourish my body and soul. 


Throughout all of these changes, Coral was patient, informative, supportive, and accessible. She shared so many recipes and articles, and often went above and beyond to give me information on certain products, sent me reminders about whatever we were working on that week, and even scheduled calendar events for me to build consistency. 

I came to Coral when I was starting to feel frustrated by Western medicine's limited approach to my bipolar disorder. Though it was new territory for her, Coral dove into learning about my issues enthusiastically, regularly sharing new data and insights about holistic approaches to treatment. My acute mental health need was around better self-care techniques to manage the depression I was in. Not only did Coral provide support and guidance through that, but I now have a much stronger foundation of wellness and self-care techniques moving forward, not to mention a more open, aware mind when it comes to holistic healing opportunities. 

I would recommend Coral to anyone looking to jumpstart meaningful change in their lives. She'll be just the coach you need to make meaningful sustainable change for the better!

Jordan Enright- Schulz

Nevada City, California




When I started this journey with Coral I had Type 2 diabetes with an A1C of 12.7, cholesterol was 288, triglycerides were 1148 and I weighed 246 lbs. After 3 months of working with her as well as continuing my checkups with the doctor all of those numbers drastically changed. In 3 months my blood test showed my A1c at 6.2, cholesterol at 125, triglycerides at 160, and I had lost 23lbs. My doctor couldn't believe it he even called others into the room to see the results! At that appointment I was able to cut back on most of my medications. 

Coral helped me by teaching me new ways of living healthy including my mind, body, and spirit. She helped me to learn accountability for my own health. The biggest tangible change for me is exercise. I always joked that I was allergic to it. Now I actually like it and the effects it has on my body and brain. I have lost 50 lbs in the 6 months of having Coral hold me accountable to the healthy changes I committed to. 

I would describe Coral as the most honest person I have encountered. I thought I was a truth seeker until I met her. She made me realize that you can't lie to yourself. 

I would recommend Coral to anyone who wants to have a healthier lifestyle. If you are honest with her, she can help you with all aspects of your life.
Coral cares about and loves people. This is not about financial gain or accolades, she truly wants to do her part to heal the world. I can't even fully describe how much better my life has been since my journey led me to Coral Simpson. 

Albert Minero, 
Hollywood, California

I would recommend Coral to anyone that is ready to change their eating habits and have a more positive outlook on life.
Coral is a very thoughtful person and willing to help anyone. 

Since working with Coral my sleep has improved and I am paying attention to how the food I eat makes me feel. 
She helped me realize how sugar was depleting my energy and driving my cravings. 

I notice when I have negative thoughts I am able to change that thought for the better. This has been a major stress relief in my life. It has also been very beneficial in my relationship.

I absolutely love how I feel and think since working with Coral. 

Lisa Johnson,
Grants Pass, Oregon

Coral Simpson provides nutritional information, dietary ideas, encouragement, and guidance to set, plan, and follow through on goals, as well as, a support system on the journey towards wellness. 

Coral helped me to begin defining my goals and facilitated the establishment of my goals for better health as an individual with Fibromyalgia and other complications of medically undiagnosed origins. Along the way, Coral encouraged me to forgive myself of short-comings, to be patient with the process of healing, and to incorporate time for myself. I have learned a great deal about healthy eating and gained tools to deal with the symptoms of my condition through my consultations with Coral.

I am more actively engaged, motivated, aware, and knowledgeable about my actions and choices and the effects they have on my health. 

My successes fed hope for change and led to the discovery of things I can accomplish. 

I highly recommend seeking Coral's assistance as it can be extremely difficult to go it alone. It is such a tremendous help to have such  knowledgeable, compassionate, empathetic, and patient person to work with. It is a valuable resource to go on this journey with such a supportive person as Coral Simpson has been for me. 

Niki R.

We Are One Health LLC