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Eating Greens for Breakfast

Updated: Nov 11, 2017

Its a new mindset that could save your life.

I like to prep quiona to have on hand for the week. This cuts down on prep time. I use the leftovers in multiple recipes on different days.

This bowl is super easy to make and will nourish you for hours. Quinoa is so versatile you can pair it with almost anything. Cook some cubed butternut squash, and toss in bowl with quinoa, blueberries, rasberries, coconut shreds, spinach, almonds, and fresh mint if you desire. I like the flavors without a dressing but feel free to doctor it up if you prefer.

While some may wrinkle their noses at the idea of eating greens for breakfast it is one the best way to start your day. The phytonutrients in greens help your body keep working on repairs from the previous day. It also sets you up for the new day with energy and nutrients that you will not get from eating a bowl of cereal. Cereals are fortified for a reason. Greens come fortified from nature.

Green leafy vegetables contain a good amount of fiber. Fiber plays an essential role in your digestive, heart, and skin health, and may improve blood sugar control, weight management, and more.

So eat more greens and yes even for breakfast.


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