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Think about it

The picture above is sugar dyed pink. It takes ten pounds of sugar beets to yield 1 cup of sugar. It takes 6 to 10 lbs of sugar cane to make 1 pound of sugar. These numbers amaze me because sugar is so cheap in the store. According to the average American consumes approximately 3 pounds of sugar a week. That would be roughly 30 lbs of sugarcane. I doubt the average person would go down to the store and buy a 3 lb bag of sugar to eat every week. Eating processed packaged foods and sweetened beverages are deceiving to the consumer as many have no idea about the actual amount of sugar they are consuming. The beauty of making a homeade cake from scratch is you see the 2 cups of sugar going into the batter. This brings home that cakes are meant for very special occasions. The same goes for pancakes, ice cream, cookies, and pretty much anything that contains sugar. Sugar isn't the only thing that we have made into concentrated form.

Wheat, soy, and corn are a few other other examples of foods we eat in concentrated form without blinking an eye. These foods are processed into a powder and are used in most commercial packaged products as binders, thickeners, and sweeteners.

These fine powders are broken down quickly by our digestion and converted into glucose. These fine powders are similar to eating sugar. Before the invention of large factories people would eat much less of these examples and also in whole form with very little processing.


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