Single session with me using Cognomovement to clear blocks 

Available in person or world wide

Enter to win a "Pay What You Want Session!" Every Friday I will draw one name for a full Cognomovement session and you get to decide the amount you pay.







*Group sessions available online and in person


*Athletes remove resistance in your body to reaching your goal. Focus before your workout. Increase performance


*Building Courage- 9 weekly sessions breaking specific stuck patterns creating freedom in your life!


*Building Courage can be done individually or a group session will be starting September 27th

*Breaking Through The Emotions Of Weight- 6 weekly sessions

*Individual or watch for upcoming group sessions

*Cognocafe'- energize naturally using Cognomovement

*Individual sessions available

*Live Group Cognocafe' every Monday at 8:30am at Cedar Yoga Space beginning this fall.

*Parenting Pressure Release- 6 weekly sessions

*Individual or watch for upcoming group sessions 

More to Come!

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